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founded EYEN in 2006 and has extensive experience of translating and editing a diverse range of written material. This includes reports, presentations, marketing brochures, news articles, financial statements, business plans, correspondence and website content. Client industries include public sector, consulting, shipping services, communications agencies and financial services.

Prior to becoming an English language consultant, Lindsay spent nine years as a Chartered Accountant with Ernst & Young, one of the world’s leading professional services organisations. Aside from the number crunching, Lindsay’s work on mergers and acquisitions projects for Ernst & Young in the UK, the USA and Norway fine-tuned her written communication skills and gave her valuable knowledge of a diverse range of industries. These include: telecoms, oil & gas production & services, media, tourism, manufacturing, financial services, pharmaceuticals and biotech.

Lindsay is Scottish and has lived and worked in Norway since 2000. As writing and language have always been areas of interest, following her maternity leave, Lindsay decided to throw away her calculator and work full time for EYEN.

Lindsay has a BSc (Honours) degree in Chemistry from the University of St Andrews, Scotland (1993).

Lindsay Waeroe